Driving and competing – what else could bring the co-workers together?

Let’s do it by Trabants!

Excitement, high spirits and a lot of laughs are guaranteed! This is a tour, where the guests need to do funny tasks and make through ‘til the end on their own. We offer various programmes that can be varied as wished in order to make the perfect teambuilding.

The basic price includes 4 tasks from the following task choices:
• Trabant-quiz
• Budapest-quiz
• Filling with luggage (everything fits in a Trabant, isn’t it?
• Filling with guests (Everybody’s in there?)
• Slalom – traditional or “pushing”
• Tire change

Teambuilding add-ons

The abovementioned activities can be incorporated in the Sightseeing, Get-away, Retro and Memento tours, including 4 tasks.
We can also plan a special treasure hunt on demand.


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  • +36 20 955 3441 (Andras)

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